Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2104 Primary National Curriculum Not Fit for Purpose

Since writing my previous report, I've corresponded with the key people involved in the creation of our 2014 primary mathematics curriculum.  They've consistently claimed that our curriculum is most like the Singapore Curriculum.

This is such utter nonsense that I've written a brief report which summarises some of the key differences between our new curriculum and the Singapore curriculum and which calls for the implementation of our curriculum to be immediately suspended.

It's available as a free download here.

It's already had some useful coverage in the press.  In this excellent article (if you read 'multiplication tables' in the headline rather than 'multiplication') the reporter has caught a DfE spokeswoman still claiming that our curriculum is like the Singapore curriculum!!!!  Liz Truss MP has had this report for nearly two weeks and I've discussed these issues with the key person at the DfE with relevant responsibility.  The rumours that people at the DfE are trained just to stick their fingers in their ears and sing 'la, la, la' very loudly when anybody discusses evidence must be true.  Sigh.