Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ofsted Part 4: What principles would underpin the actions of a purpose-led education inspectorate?

Firstly the purposes of inspection would be clearly visible at all times.
These may be:
1.    The identification and elimination of unacceptable practice
2.    Ensuring that schools are working in a professional way to improve the quality of their provision
3.    Reporting on what is going on in schools/the quality of provision.

Secondly, not only the law which explicitly applies to Ofsted:
 regulatory activities should be carried out in a way which is transparent, accountable, proportionate and consistent;”
but the principles behind this law would be embodied in the behaviour of inspectors and in the procedures they follow.

Thirdly, processes which generate spurious results or results which are not robustly valid would be eliminated.

Fourthly, there would be substantial feedback loops whereby conclusions both could and would be challenged according the now visible purposes of inspection.

Fifthly, and perhaps most importantly, where practice of concern was identified interventions would be of the minimum level needed to address them in ways which were appropriate to the institution being inspected.
I understand more detail is needed to bring this to life and I will attempt to provide more of that detail in the posts which will follow.  Please don’t hesitate to raise issues and post questions using the comment facility available here.

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