Friday, 16 March 2012

Assessing students up to age 14 - A better future. Part 2 - protocols for this series of blogs

As this series of blogs progresses I will refer to individuals and companies I have spoken to who have brought to life the individual components of future systems which I believe will transform education when they are combined.

I am very grateful to all who have taken the time to meet me or chat to me on the phone, in forums or by email.

However I am aware that by following this strategy it is inevitable that I will miss individuals and companies with similar or different relevant skills and products to offer.  I would like to warmly invite anyone who would like to gain exposure for their relevant ideas, services or products to add comments to the relevant blog which either raise relevant points or describe what they have to offer.

If you would like advice or guidance as to where to place your comments or would just like to communicate with me about any of these issues please do get in touch through linkedin or by commenting on this blog and giving your contact details.

Assessing students up to the age of 14 – A better future  QUICK LINKS

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