Monday, 14 May 2012

Assessing students up to age 14 - A better future. Part 8 - Student Behaviour Mangament

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When designing a system of integrated formative and summative assessment, it is worth considering how such a system will link to any systems a school may already have in place for tracking student behaviour.

It seems appropriate that a system of integrated formative and summative assessment should be proactively designed to work well with any systems of behaviour tracking a school may use as the two issues impact so closely on each other.

Edward Whittaker at IRIS was very helpful in helping me to understand some of the issues involved in behaviour tracking.

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  1. I am keen to develop a system that keeps teachers and parents up to date with pupil behaviour on a real-time basis. The idea of parents getting a report at the end of the year or term, telling them what their child has been up to is really not what's required these days. Parents should be able to access all kinds of progress data about their child online 24/7. Although IRIS operates in real time, it's sometimes hard to get staff in schools not to just print out a summary of behaviour at the end the week - as that's what they've been used to in the past.

  2. Many thanks for your comment IRIS.